STS World-Wide Shipping is a fully licensed international freight forwarding (air & sea) company with presence in all continents. STS offers smooth service and delivery of your consignments to get to your final destination in an excellent condition at the stipulated time agreed with you.
Our commitment is to serve our customers and to provide and maintain a cost effective solution to your shipping needs without sacrificing or compromising quality. We believe in transparency in dealing with our customers. We make timely delivery and exhibit proficiency in all services rendered. All business transactions and activities are conducted professionally and efficiently.
Yes, STS World-Wide Shipping offers specialized services to selected industries like Oil and Gas, Agricultural sector, Automotive, Telecommunication and more.
We have warehouse in Houston Texas, USA and Lagos.
We ship globally for both import and export (air and sea). Currently, we ship weekly to USA, UK, and CHINA
By simply registering on our website at You can become a customer upon approval. You will be required to complete your profile after registration. Your profile information helps us to transfer your information into our system accurately.
Yes you can order online and have your shipment sent to us. We require a pre-alert once shipments are ordered online. This pre-alert should contain your account number, description of goods you have ordered, shipping tracking number, invoice and packing list of purchase.
We accept cash deposit or cash transfer into our STS accounts.
We use current exchange rate at parallel market to calculate exchange rates for local payments.
Our turn-around time is 8 days.
Yes we can do door to door services to your designated delivery address.
Our shipment cut-off days are Fridays.
Yes, depending on the weight of the shipment.
Yes. If you have a single shipment weighing up to 200kg and above, it will be created to prevent damage and for easy packaging.
Volume weight is a calculation of shipment weight based on extreme dimensions of your shipment.
A consolidated shipment is a method of shipping where we combine your shipment alongside multiple individual packages belonging to numerous clients. Shipment is sent to our agents who clear and distribute for preferential and better pricing.
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