Are your current products really making you the desired profits?

On this post you are about to discover some of the most trending products that importers are putting their money on and that is bringing them good profits. These products were carefully researched and will guarantee you profits if put your money on it.

Let’s take a few seconds to discuss some winnable features that some of these products boasts that makes them even more in demand compare to others products in the market and why you should invest your money on these products.

Profitability: These products are highly profitable. You can plug your money into it and smile to the bank just many are currently doing.

Accessibility: These products are readily accessible and can be shopped from the comfort of your home without stress.

Demand: The major reasons this post was written is due to the attention that these products have immersed in the past couple of months.

Okay let’s get into it guys

I bumped on Mrs. Charles who is a serial importer and we got talking and she began sharing her stories on how it becomes difficult for her to sell some of the products she imported some months ago.

While narrating her frustration I could tell figured out why those products are not selling and that most people if not all  don’t really need those  her products and with that it becomes clear that she put her money on the wrong basket.

To cut the long story short, I took out time to reveals some hidden products that only a few are aware that is really making all the money in the market.

She couldn’t appreciate me enough after conceding that she’s about quitting her only means of livelihood that the information came at the right time.

 She invested her money on some of these hottest products and she is making her profits


If this work for someone who was considering quitting importation then be rest assured that this will also works for you whether you’re starting importation business or you are currently into importation but are making little or no profit.

Five (5) winning products to import in 2021 and make profit
  1. Mobile Phone Accessories: Phone accessories has always been in great demand but the current geometrical rise is a call for concern which can be attributed to many factors such as, affordability, accessibility, with different functionality to mention few.

    One thing to know is that mobile phones accessories come handy; from power banks, to ear phones, ear pods, and SD card (Phone memory). This accessories can guarantee you profit and they can be easily source on ecommerce site such as Amazon, Ebey, Aliexpress and shipped at very affordable prices via STS

  2. Perfumes: The perfume business is never-a-dying business and for people into this business you can always beat your chest that you into a lucrative business.

    You and I will recalled that most people were indoor in the year 2020 due to government directives as a means to curb the spread of Covid-19 pandemic. But since the relaxed of the spread, people are beginning to start their normal life again by attending event and all forms of celebration which makes the demand for perfume more rampant.   A friend was sharing with me that he can never attend an event without wearing a perfume. These sets of people are hungry to lavish their money on different fragrances and if you’re lucky to meet their taste you can be well assured that you will make your money. Perfumes comes in difference sizes and made with its uniqueness.  A designer perfume for instances, are more expensive and can only be afforded by certain person. With that said, you can go for the ones that are not so much expensive and will sell faster and make your money.

  3. Cosmetics Products: Cosmetics products like body cream, lipstick pencils, make up brushes, nail gel, and fake eyelashes among others are products that always in demand because everyone want to looks beautiful. You can always find customers for those products.
    Here are some tips to help you while sourcing for cosmetics products to buy include checking the production and expiry date, buy only genuine cosmetics.

  4. Laptop computers: The post covid19 era ushered us to a new way of doing things. Virtual meeting has replaced physical meeting and most business are beginning to relocate online. We don’t see this coming down soon as more companies are joining this new train.

    The employer of labor are constantly looking for skilled personnel that are computer literate. Learning are now online and students taking lessons through various video conference platform using their computers.  Remote jobs here and then and the lists continues. There is no better time to get on the business than now and trust me, you will never regret putting your money on such business. Any thing you can include while importing laptop computer is backpack because need it for carrying the laptop.

  5. Electronic equipment & machinery: General electronic and equipment is another products you can consider investing your money on. You can attribute the high demand to many factors. From daily use electronics to industrial standard, people needs them.

    You can ship quality electronics from US, UK, China at a very low prices and sell in Nigeria and make huge profits. Repeat the process over and over again and keep making your cool money without stress. We created this post out of popular demands from different people via our social media platforms and have taken our time to carefully researched these products which we believe will help you make the best decision when considering the next products to import and make profits.

We created this post out of popular demands from different people via our social media platforms and have taken our time to carefully researched these products which we believe will help you make the best decision when considering the next products to import and make profits.

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